David Giardina

The Croon Prince

Albums and Song Tracks Now Available!

Davig Giardina's albums

"Crooning In Public" and 

"Alive In Tin Pan Alley!" - as well his single tracks (over 100 in all) - are now available for purchase!  Please email below for a list of all tracks and to order:


Vegan Music Makers on Youtube!


We are a group emanating from Facebook composed of all vegan members and all are involved in music. We aspire to lead a vegan music revolution with newly written songs and fresh interpretations of pre-existing music which is in keeping with other movements in the past (the 60s being a prime example). We come from a love-based approach in hopes of helping to positively evolve the planet. We as the human species have created much destruction of other species, nature, the environment, and our very own health. We are at critical mass and have little time to awaken. We hope our music in a small to a large way, will help bring us to a higher level of consciousness. CLICK HERE: Vegan Music Makers

"Will o' the Wisp" movie promo!

I'm very excited to be launching our gofundme campaign to raise funds to shoot the promo for my feature film "Will o' the Wisp". The movie s a mystery drama turned suspense thriller about an exasperating child who eventually gets himself into grave danger. The story deals with animal rights, veganism and speciesism. Thank you for checking this out and supporting!  Click here to see the campaign: "Will o' the Wisp" promo

My New Suspense Movie Now Entering Pre-Production!

Developing my new indie suspense drama now! Just had the staged reading here in NYC with an amazing cast. Feedback was very positive which is always encouraging:) The story involves an exasperating child who just goes to far....I'm now about to enter into pre-production. Stay Tuned for news about this!

David Returns as Rudy Vallee Nov. 16, 2014!

David will be reprising his role as pioneer pop star Rudy Vallee in the Ziegfeld Society's production of "Vagabond Lover - the Life and Tunes of Rudy Vallee" to be performed on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 3:30pm at Lang Recital Hall.  Returning to the show will be Melissa Altschuler, Dewey Caddell, Merril Grant, Loria Parker and Ian Whitt.  Hit tunes include "Vagabond Lover", "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries", "My Time Is Your Time", "Winchester Cathedral" and many others.  "Vagabond Lover" is based directly on Rudy Vallee's own autobiography as well as on his widow's memoirs.


Dave Forms New Band - The Tin Pan Tuplets!

David Giardina has just formed a brand new quintet called The Tin Pan Tuplets featuring Harrison Beck on piano, Tom Ikuta on drums, Paul Pricer on bass, Alex DeGross on Guitar.  They recently had their debut gig at the celebrated Bottom Line in NYC and will soon be at Drom in the east village.  Come and check it out!


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This Just In!

David will soon begin production on his latest feature film.  The shocking story is based on real events that happened in Connecticut in the 1800's.  There will be a staged reading of the screenplay shortly.  Stay tuned!

Ziegfeld's 145 Birthday Celebration!

David will be crooning at the Ziegfeld Society's Celebration of The Great Ziegfeld's 145 Birthday on Saturday, March 31. Stay tuned for details!

Dave now appearing with "Three on a Bill"!

Dave will be crooning some classic favorite tunes accompanied by Lauren Lee on the piano.  Also on the bill is songwriter Dan McCormick who will be featuring songs from his new cd.  Check it out  at Bar 9, 807 9th Ave. 



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My Album is Now Available on Spotify and Itunes!

Great news!  My debut album "David Giardina - Alive in Tin Pan Alley" is not available to download on Spotify and Itunes. Check it out!